How To Set Goals Effectively

Recently I’ve attended a personal development seminar presented by Bob Proctor in Scottsdale, Arizona that focused on Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich“. I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to be there in person, because the information presented was priceless – and am determined to put it to use going forward. This book is considered to be one of the best ever written on human potential and its teachings can be applied in all areas of life, not only on accumulating wealth.

As a matter of fact, wealth comes as a result of changing our old conditioning and starting to apply these principles, by changing our old habits that worked against us so far with new ones that will work in our favor. The most important thing to change our old paradigms is to realize who we really are. Once we do that, we gain a completely new perspective that will make everything look clearer, because we develop an understanding of why we do what we do and as a result, we learn how to correct the habitual patterns that no longer serve us.

Laura, Bob, SandyDuring the seminar Bob mentioned that the majority of people don’t even set goals for themselves – and I totally agree with him. From my experience so far, for most people setting goals seems to be a chore, something that you do out of obligation, only because it’s required of you by your employer – that is, in the event that your company even has this type of workplace culture. To me, setting goals is equivalent to making a commitment to myself to make my dreams come true – and it has always been this way, long before I even started my professional career.

Since I can remember I’ve always been told that my goals and standards were way too high. Everyone around me has constantly suggested that I should lower them, be more realistic and grounded. However, at the seminar, while discussing our financial goals, for the first time ever in my life was told that I was actually aiming too low! This remark came from someone who has known me only for a couple of days, as we’ve just met there, at the event. I must admit that it took me several minutes to fully grasp and believe what I just heard – but at the same time it felt so good! 🙂

Finally, instead of being criticized and judged, I was being appreciated and encouraged to go after what I want; not only that, but aim even higher! To me this was a breakthrough that opened my eyes and made me realize that this person was absolutely right. As a result, everything started to make sense: why things have always worked out when I listened to my intuition and why they haven’t whenever I went against my gut feeling and listened to those who tried to drag me down, because of their own limitations. In one of my previous articles I was talking about the top qualities of a great leader. Among them, there was the ability to recognize and encourage others to grow – and that’s exactly what this person has done with me. After getting to know each other quite a bit, I can say that indeed, my new friend is a source of inspiration and a great leader!

When the majority of people are doing things in a certain way, it can be quite difficult for them to understand someone who’s doing the opposite – that is, until that person is able to show results. There’s a well-known saying “You have to see it to believe it”, which is embraced by most people, especially those operating from the left side of their brains. However, to make our dreams come true, we have to be open to the exact opposite: “Believe it and you’ll see it“. Now that’s an interesting concept that can be very hard to grasp by many people – and that’s exactly why very few of them are living the life they have imagined.

2015-10-31 17.16.51Bob had a wonderful way of explaining this using the illustration on the left. Basically, there are 3 type of goals, as follows:

A-Type Goals – these are the ones that we already know how to accomplish

B-Type Goals – are the ones that we think we can accomplish and also, have an idea on the steps required to get there

C-Type Goals – are the ones that we don’t know how to attain, but we know we will. These are the goals that represent what we REALLY WANT and are meant to stretch us above and beyond what we perceive with our five senses. These goals come from our imagination and should get us both scared and excited, at the same time.

Most people set A and B-type goals because they make perfect sense, they are logical, rational, realistic and also, they don’t require too much effort or use of imagination – in other words, they are convenient and quite easy to attain. They don’t require going out of our comfort zone, changing our old habits or stretching ourselves too much. This is the EASY ROAD. On the other side we find the ROAD LESS TRAVELED where the C-type goals lead us. These are the goals that require having: a strong desire, faith, belief, self-confidence, ability to make quick decisions, strong commitment, persistence – and most importantly, the courage to take the first step no matter how risky it may initially seem. These type of goals are often referred to as impossible, unrealistic, illogical, or irrational. However, if we resume to perceiving ourselves and others only through our five senses, then we’re creating a very limited world to live in. Someone said that in order to be set free from a cage, we first need to be aware that we’re in one. 

All great accomplishments that we know and enjoy today were once considered impossible and unrealistic; however, they were very possible and realistic in someone’s imagination – and it was only a matter of time until they have become a reality. From Edison’s incandescent light and Wright brothers’ first flight to the more recent Richard Branson’s Virgin empire or Isadore Sharp’s iconic Four Seasons – these are merely a few examples worth mentioning. All of them were told that their dream was impossible, yet none of them was discouraged enough to quit. If we take the time to analyze any of these success stories, we realize that each and everyone has started having in mind a C-type goal – and that’s the only way to reach our full potential.

Going back to what my new friend has told me, I became aware of the fact that although not long ago I, too, have accomplished C-type goals, for whatever reason in the present I have settled for the A and B-type ones – that is, something that I know and think I can do. With this in mind, have reconsidered my options and completely changed my perspective – and must admit that I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to achieve my new goal 🙂 But I’m confident that I will, and am eager to take the first step towards it and start with what I know and have right now.

Feel free to leave your questions or comments below – would be happy to hear from you! 🙂

What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are. ~ Tony Robbins

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