Which Is More Important: Imagination Or Knowledge?

In one of my previous articles was talking about the importance of our imagination and its power in creating and shaping our lives. On this note, I thought to elaborate on this topic by making a comparison between imagination and knowledge.

IMAGINATION is your ability to be creative or resourceful, to come up with new ideas or concepts that may not have been tested yet, or may not even exist. KNOWLEDGE is that dull conviction resulting from reality, which in some people’s opinion is black-and-white, logical, stable, and conservative. Your view of which is more important will depend on your personality.

imaginationOn this note, personally I prefer Einstein’s view – and not because of his genius, but because I truly believe that imaginative people can accomplish more in life due to their visionary and limitless way of thinking. Knowledge is important, but if that’s the only thing you have and can’t even imagine yourself growing as a person in a world of possibilities, you’ll settle.

Taking example of our modern day: humans have invented so many things that we could only imagine of 50 years ago! When you think about it, even today we imagine of flying cars, teleportation, etc. But as important as imagination might be, we need knowledge to implement our imagination. Imagination is something that you can only think of, while knowledge is the tool that makes that thought of yours become a reality.imagination-knowledge

However, the question is not: “would you rather have imagination and not have knowledge?” or the other way around. It’s asking: Is imagination more IMPORTANT than knowledge?

Imagination is the basis of happiness in our everyday lives. Sure, it may not be as useful as knowledge, but without it, our world would be dominated by science and science only. Imagination provides entertainment, pastimes, and most definitely, what makes us human and alive.

Imagination creates innovation. Without imagination, there would be no innovation. Knowledge is given to us by trials of imagination that have been tested over and over again. Without imagination, we wouldn’t have knowledge. Imagination is a gatekeeper to knowledge – and knowledge cannot be gained without imagination and experience.

Imagination is something that cannot be taught. Imagination is transformative and powerful, whereas knowledge can be instilled through teachers, textbooks, and various forms of research – it’s an easily acquired tool.

Imagination focuses on future opportunities, while knowledge is a set of past memories. Someone, somewhere, imagined a different world and knowledge told them that it won’t be possible, but they didn’t care – so they went ahead and did it anyway.  Everything man made around us was once a thought, coming from someone’s imagination – which combined with their knowledge at that time and belief that it’s possible, has created the reality that we see today.

In the end, when speaking of progress, imagination and knowledge go hand in hand. First of all you need to know WHAT you want before learning HOW to put it into practice. Therefore, in my opinion, imagination is the catalyst of change, while knowledge provides the support for it.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. ~ George Bernard Shaw

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