What Do You REALLY Want?

One of the fundamental questions that everyone should ask themselves in life is this: What do I REALLY want? While doing that, we should allow ourselves to dream big, to make use of our imagination and remove all the negative thoughts that might enter our mind to tell us why it’s not possible.

Sweet SpotI recall being asked this question a couple of years ago when I was enrolled in an executive program at Rotman School of Management. All of us had to write down our short and long-term goals in great detail and also, identify our interests, passions and skills acquired up until then.

At that time I found this exercise quite difficult, as I’ve never had the chance to do this type of introspective thinking before. The objective was to come up with a career management plan that would’ve identified our “sweet spot” by merging our passions, interests and skills, as shown in the illustration above. My “sweet spot” sounded like this: My ideal role combines my passion for permanent learning with my desire to travel, build meaningful relationships, and inspire others to grow. 

Looking back, I realize that my plan was right on, as even today I wouldn’t change my higher purpose. What I would change, though, is the DIRECTION to get there. You see, all of us already know what we really want, and when forced to come up with an answer we’re able to articulate it in the end; but many times this doesn’t mean that we’re actually going to do what we say. Every time we think about something that stretches us our instinctive reaction is to back out. It’s amazing how powerful our old conditioning is and the effect that it has on our decisions and actions.

However, we should take a few moments to reflect on it and ask ourselves the question: How did my current habits work for me so far, am I really living the life that I want? Most likely the majority of us would say no. Then why aren’t we trying to do things differently and see where that path may lead us? Well, as Bob Proctor says it, our old paradigms are stopping us. The truth is, we don’t need to know HOW we’re going to achieve our goals, we only need to BELIEVE  that we WILL. Once this new belief grows roots into the subconscious mind, the “how” will gradually come to us in the form of new ideas, financial resources or inspirational people.

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Would like to share with you the story of a Norwegian young man who attended the same seminar I’ve been to recently, in Scottsdale. His attitude and actions have impressed not only me, but the entire audience and Bob Proctor, as well. The morning of the third day of the seminar, he shared his story with the public. Having studied Bob’s teachings for a while, he really wanted to meet him and attend this event – except that he had no money whatsoever to cover the costs.

What do I really wantOne day his father found him lying in bed at noon frightened, anxious, and not knowing what to do with his life – so he asked him: What do you really want? The young man answered that his purpose in life was to inspire and ignite human potential. When hearing the answer, his father advised him to choose a mentor and do exactly what he wanted, as he’ll cover the costs. So he naturally picked Bob and took a 26-hour flight from Norway to attend the event.

Shortly after sharing his story, he asked Bob the permission to go up on stage to make a demonstration with his guitar, related to the Law of Vibration. The funny part was that even though this young man was only 24 years old and Bob was 81, they were talking like long-term buddies – which made Bob tease him by saying that he should get over his shyness 🙂 The most surprising part, however, came when the young man looked Bob in the eyes and said: “I actually told my Dad this morning that I’m gonna get on stage today“. When hearing his words, Bob became speechless for a few seconds as no one knew this young man’s intentions up until then. In the end he recognized his courage and admitted that this was actually pretty good. As a result, he offered to coach him personally and also, enrolled him for free into several other programs offered by his company, in a total of over $50,000!

I’ve had the chance to discuss over lunch with this young man and ask him several questions related to what happened. I wanted to know how long ago did he start planning this and what exactly was his strategy (my analytical side wanted to find a rational and a logical explanation to the witnessed events). To my surprise, he told me that it took him only about a month of visualizing to build up a burning desire – and everything else came to him naturally while doing just that. To me this was remarkable, and yet another proof that was revealed right before my eyes that if we REALLY WANT something from the heart and take the necessary steps towards it, that goal has no other way but to manifest in reality. 

Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true. ~ Anthony Robbins

So let’s look backwards and connect the dots. What did this young man actually do?

  1. He visualized himself as if his dream was real without letting fear and doubt interfere with his thinking
  2. He had a burning desire to attend the seminar and meet Bob Proctor, although he didn’t have the financial resources for the trip
  3. He was aware of what he had to give in return and willing to do it
  4. He had a deadline for his goal
  5. He had a plan, even though he didn’t know all the necessary steps – just the first one
  6. He believed that it was all possible and was determined to put his plan into action.

The emerging question then is: Why aren’t we all doing the same with our goals? Why aren’t we going after what we REALLY want, what’s stopping us? Well, there’s only one answer: IGNORANCE. Many would say that it’s actually FEAR – but in reality fear is a result of ignorance, which is the opposite of knowledge. We’re afraid of failure, we don’t trust ourselves, we listen to others who tell us that it’s not possible and the list of excuses could go on. But if we study the universal laws that most successful people have constantly applied (consciously or unconsciously), we gain a deeper understanding that gives us the courage to do what we really want. It takes willpower and repetition to change our old habits – but it’s all worth it, as the results might surprise us.

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. ~ Jim Rohn

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  • PassionforChange says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the appreciation!

    The most important thing that I’ve learned from Bob is that anyone can achieve great results, regardless of their background or circumstances. However, for this to happen we need to understand who we really are, where we are at (our starting point) compared to where we want to be, and also, what paradigms we need to change.

    Few months ago I’ve started dedicating several hours per day to personal development, which entails: reading books, watching videos, filling out my gratitude list, visualizing my goals and reading affirmations. As Bob mentioned, we need to plant the seeds before anything can grow – and that’s exactly what I’m doing right now, changing my old habits and conditioning. And believe me, there’s a lot of work to be done 🙂

    Hope this answers your question.

  • adrian says:

    Wow.. You actually met him. I like your analysis. Keep them coming…. You break it down so well.

    So what did you learn from his experience….
    what are you doing to make this a reality.

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